Apple gets Cydia’s complaint dismissed

A U.S. District Judge dismissed Cydia’s lawsuit, which alleged that Apple’s App Store unfairly forced her to shut down the company, but would allow Cydia to modify her complaint.

apple vs cydia j22

Cydia was launched as a jailbreak tool and source of alternative apps and features for the iPhone, before Apple launched its own App Store. It required users to bypass Apple’s iOS security, but around 4.5 million users were still using it during Cydia’s time of greatest popularity. Subsequently, Apple blocked most ways to jailbreak iOS, making Cydia impractical for the average user.

Originally filed in December 2020, the lawsuit from Jay Freeman, creator of Cydia, claims that Apple used its monopoly position against the alternative store. Cydia said she was forced to shut down due to Apple’s alleged “illegal” control over the distribution of apps on iOS. In addition, Freeman also claimed that Apple tried to convince users that jailbreaking was dangerous.

U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers upheld Apple’s motion calling for closure. However, he granted Freeman permission to change his case. If Freeman is to move forward, he will have until January 19, 2022 to file a new complaint. After that, Apple will have until February 2, 2022 to respond.

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