Apple Glass / VR: integrated lenses could provide eye correction

Apple has not given up on the idea of ​​equipping its next VR headset (or its AR glasses) with lenses capable of adapting to everyone’s vision (myopic, hyperopic, etc.). This type of technology is widely conceivable in a future Apple VR / AR headset, knowing that there are already dioptric correctors in some high-end VR headsets, and that the supposedly very high price of the next Apple VR / Apple Glass will have to be be justified by something other than a nice design and screens micro-OLED 4K.

Apple Glass patent eye correction

A patent filed with theUSPTO (US Patent Office) describes an eye correction system based on two lenses, one adjustable and based on liquid crystal and the other non-adjustable. The liquid crystal lens could be composed of several cells filled with a voltage modulated optical material, all placed between transparent substrates and surrounded by electrodes. These electrodes are used to modulate the way the lens passes light, which could allow extremely precise adjustment of the eye correction.

In view of the complexity of the technology described in this patent, it seems likely that these integrated corrective lenses will be available on the next Apple Glass dedicated mainly to augmented reality, AR glasses whose release is not expected before 2024 or 2025.

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