Apple glasses could automatically adapt to user’s eyes

The future of glasses according to Apple? Here is a new patent published in recent hours.

apple glasses tradi

Apple’s idea is to create smart glasses that can automatically adapt to your eyes, based on degrees, tenths and / or diopters. The self-adjusting lenses are presumably intended for the Apple Glasses which the company is expected to release two or three years after the first AR / VR headset expected by the end of 2022.

In the last few days, we’ve also shown you a concept that describes what these Apple-branded eyewear could look like, when the patent we’re talking about today is specifically for the lenses. Their objective ? End the purchase of different lenses over the years, as the glasses will automatically adapt to the condition of the eyes.

The patent in question is very technical, but Apple specifically talks about glasses with adjustable lenses: “Adjustable glasses can include an adjustable fovea liquid crystal glass connected to an adjustable non-liquid crystal glass, a liquid filled glass, or an Alvarez glass. “

These Apple glasses will collect data related to the wearer’s eyes and then adjust the optical power of the lens based on that information. The glasses will continue to monitor the user’s eyes to make sure the lenses are correct, otherwise they will be fitted differently.

If this patent came true, it would be a revolutionary innovation for all eyeglass wearers. What do you think ?

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