Apple Hires Meta’s Head of AR Communications

With rumors of Apple’s first AR headset growing louder, the company hired Meta’s head of augmented reality communications.

apple d21 vr headset concept

As reported by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple has hired Andrea Schubert, head of communications and public relations for Meta for its augmented reality efforts. In view of its first AR headset expected in 2022, Apple would therefore also prepare on the communicative level, in order to organize a big launch for what will be one of the biggest news of the year.

Gurman also states that the first version of the Apple headset will have an advanced chip that will allow users to use the device even without having to connect it to an iPhone.

According to the latest rumors, Apple’s first AR headset will be able to display text, emails, maps, games and other communication-related items via 8K holographic screens built into the lens. There will be advanced 3D sensors capable of detecting objects in a scene and identifying the user’s hand gestures. The total weight will be around 350 grams and its release is expected by the end of 2022.

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