Apple imagines video game controllers, including one inspired by Nintendo’s Joy-Con

Despite the power of its Apple Silicon chips, Apple has no intention of entering the game console market. On the other hand, the Cupertino company is considering all the solutions to improve the lives of gamers on iOS, iPad OS and tvOS, as evidenced by new patents filed this time in Europe. These patents describe three types of external controllers for iOS/iPadOS and tvOS devices, namely a classic DualShock (or Xbox) type controller, a horizontal tactile pad like on the old consoles, and two detachable pads that are very reminiscent of Joy- Con of the Nintendo Switch.

The patents describe the almost automatic synchronization of these pads with iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, without forgetting of course the compatibility with the games of the Apple Arcade service. The Horizontal Pad would also include a touch screen that could display additional information about the game in progress or serve as a bis-interface, which would leave the touch screen of the iPhone or iPad “finger-free”. For its part, the controller has a button to switch controls from one application to another, which may be of interest with the iPad in split screen. Will these patents make it through production? Everyone is free to fantasize about it.

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