Apple increased the amount of RAM

The iPhone SE 5G has more RAM than its predecessor. Shortly after the keynote, a developer managed to discover the information by digging into the code of Xcode. This year, Apple is counting on 4 GB of RAM, against only 3 GB on the old model.

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True to form, Apple did not communicate all of the technical characteristics of the iPhone SE 5G during the keynote. The brand’s official website also does not reveal the entire technical data sheet.

Rather than revealing the size of the battery, Apple is content to evoke the maximum autonomy offered by the iPhone. In the same vein, the American giant did not disclose the amount of RAM embedded by the smartphone.

4 GB of RAM for the iPhone SE 5G, compared to 3 GB for the iPhone SE 2020

As always, we have to wait for third-party sources to review the new iPhone for this information. With the help of developer Moritz Sternemann, our colleagues at MacRumors have looked into the issue of RAM.

To get the information, the iOS developer dug into Xcode 13.3 release candidate (the development environment made available by Apple) put online in the wake of last Tuesday’s keynote.

Xcode reveals that the iPhone SE 5G comes with 4 GB of RAM. The previous model in the range, the iPhone SE 2020, was content with 3 GB of RAM. From year to year, Apple adds more RAM to its terminals. For example, the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 have between 4 and 6 GB of RAM to support the chipset.

Despite this gradual increase, iPhones still have less RAM than high-end Android smartphones, which now prance up to 12 or 16 GB of RAM. Despite having a more limited amount of RAM, iPhones offer superior performance to the competition thanks to their in-house chips. To guarantee top-flight power with the iPhone SE, Apple relies on a SoC A15 Bionic.

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For the record, the integration of a large amount of RAM makes it possible to improve the performance of multitasking, to open several apps simultaneously and to keep more pages open in the background without experiencing any slowdown.

Source: MacRumors

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