Apple is crushing the wearable market (thanks Apple Watch and AirPods)

Apple crushes (still) the market wearable, a market that includes, for example, connected watches or headphones (either on the Apple side, the Apple Watch, AirPods or even Beats headphones). IDC has taken out its little calculator to give us a ranking of the biggest sellers of wearables in 2021, and without any surprise, Apple continues to fly over the game with nearly 162 million devices delivered, which corresponds to a market share of 30.3% in the sector!

Apple Wearable PDM 2021

This is 6.8% better in volume compared to 2020 (151 million deliveries), but the market share is however down (it was 34.1% in 2020). Far behind, very far behind Apple, we therefore find Xiaomi (54.4 million wearables distributed for 10.2% of market share), Samsung (48.1 million and 9% of market share), and… Huawei, which seems to be rebounding particularly well in this specific market (42.7 million sales for 8% of market share). It should also be noted that given the growth of Samsung and Huawei, Xiaomi should soon be overtaken. The wearable market as a whole grew by 20% last year, with 533 million devices sold against 444 million in 2020.

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