Apple is ending the Beats Pill + speaker

Pill +, the Bluetooth speaker from Beats, is no longer sold by Apple. She disappeared from the Apple Online Store, as well as the Beats site. The only way to buy it is to go through resellers like Amazon or Fnac, as long as there is still stock.

Beats Pill Plus speaker Red

Discontinuing the Beats Pill +

The Beats Pill + saw the light of day in 2015. Its initial price was 259 euros in France. The price was then revised to drop to 199.95 euros. Today, it is around 150 euros at resellers.

Apple didn’t renew the speaker after its release, but the company has come up with new colors over the years. The Pill + was a bluetooth speaker capable of connecting to an iPhone, iPad or Mac, and it came with a mobile app to pair two speakers and stream music. The product had a 12-hour rechargeable battery, a built-in speaker, and an option to charge iPhone and other devices.

The last news around the enclosure dates back to June 2021. There was a special edition with L’Art de l’Automobile (KAR), which is both a clothing brand and a used car dealer of sport and luxury.

To date, Apple prefers to bet on the HomePod mini. This speaker has the advantage of being connected, this allows Apple to update it with various new software.

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