Apple is once again the most relevant brand for consumers

For the seventh consecutive year, Apple was the most relevant brand for consumers. The result was announced after reviewing reviews from 13,500 US consumers of 293 brands across 27 categories.

Apple brand, Apple consumers

According to Prophet, the company behind this annual study, the most relevant brands “offer people the opportunity to join communities with passionate people who share common interests”.

Here are the ten most relevant brands of 2022:

  1. Apple
  2. Platoon
  3. Spotify
  4. Bose
  5. android
  6. Instant-Pot
  7. playstation
  8. Fitbit
  9. efile
  10. USAA

apple brand

Here is how Prophet describes Apple:

“The Beatles of all brands, Apple is at the top of our charts again. It continually proves that it is more than just a phone, a watch or earphones. With the charm of Ted Lasso, it seamlessly offers millions of songs, games, and workouts to lure us into its ever-boosting ecosystem. »

Peloton and Spotify close the podium, which is quite surprising since the two companies are facing a period of crisis. As Peloton struggles to stay relevant in a post-pandemic world, Spotify is in the midst of controversy over its exclusive podcasts. Clearly, these crises were not yet on the horizon when the survey was proposed, but Prophet still seems optimistic about the future of all these brands.

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