Apple is ‘phenomenal’ at helping law enforcement

Documents reveal how much iCloud data Apple gives to law enforcement after receiving a warrant, although Google and Facebook are the companies providing the most accurate data.

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As Forbes reports, Tech Inquiry’s Jack Poulson was able to attend an internal National Sheriff’s Association conference where this data was revealed.

During the presentation, Scott Tuma of PenLink, a company that specializes in helping the US government locate criminal suspects, described how the company works with law enforcement to track users across multiple services, including including Apple’s “phenomenal” iCloud. Tuma explains that Apple is always ready to help investigators when it receives a warrant and when it is possible to provide data, for example via iCloud backups: “If you did something wrong, I bet I could find it on that save. »

Tuma goes on to say that he’s had success finding people’s locations several times through different services, even if not through iCloud:

“Google can take me within a meter of a specific location. I can’t tell you how many cases I’ve helped solve through services like Google and Facebook. »

The expert reports that different services provide access to data in different ways. Facebook, for example, provides a portal where officials can log in and upload files. However, if the official investigator does not reconnect every hour, he is blocked. In fact, iCloud backups are confirmed as one of the most informative for investigation.

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