Apple is relaunching the Beats Pill+ speaker with a special edition

In January, Apple decided to discontinue its Beats Pill+ speaker… and now it’s back with a special edition. It’s a surprising choice, but it’s worth noting that the special edition will only be offered for a certain period.

Beats Pill Plus Stussy

The Beats Pill+ speaker is back

Apple-owned Beats has collaborated with clothing brand Stüssy on a limited-edition Beats Pill+ speaker, featuring a skull design and Stüssy logo. A message engraved on the top of the speaker indicates that “the only good system is a sound system”. This limited-edition model appears to have the same overall design as the Beats Pill+ released in 2015, based on images shared on Stüssy’s site.

The sale of the limited edition of the Beats Pill will take place on March 4 from 7 p.m. (French time) on the Stüssy website. There is no price information. At Apple, when the basic model was still on sale, the price was 199.95 euros (knowing that its price in 2015 was 259 euros). But it was possible to find it around 150 euros at several retailers. To see what will happen on the price point with the limited edition.

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