Apple is testing new anti-theft systems in Apple Stores

Apple is testing new security measures to prevent theft from its Apple Stores, which is increasingly common when stores are closed.

anti-theft systems, Apple Store

These measures were recently patented, but Apple already has them activated in select stores in the United States and beyond. The new system consists of fixing a fixed body as a base on the large tables of the Apple Stores, from which come the brackets that hold the various devices in place. Some devices may have a retractable tether cord attached to the stand to provide power and allow customers to lift the devices. The magnets on the top of the stand ensure that the device returns to a predetermined position.

To make the anti-theft system more pleasing to the eye, no clips or cables are visible or accessible to customers. The base and brackets are considerably stronger than the systems currently in use in most Apple stores and should make it much more difficult for thieves to unplug devices.

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