Apple launches Android app to track down spy beacons

Apple has just launched Tracker Detect, an application that allows Android smartphones to track down the presence of a possible AirTag spy. Currently reserved for the United States, the app uses the NFC chip of Android phones to protect people who do not have an iPhone against spying.

airtag tracker detect

A few months ago, Apple launched AirTag, bluetooth beacons capable of finding objects. Sold at a price of 35 euros per unit, the AirTag allows you to no longer lose your car keys, your bag or even your wallet. The exact position of each object is displayed in the Find My app built into iPhones and iPads by default. It is also possible to ring the beacon to find the trace of a lost object.

To prevent malicious individuals from using an AirTag to spy on their loved ones, Apple has implemented security measures. If the tracker is placed in your belongings without your knowledge, the AirTag will start ringing 8 hours later have been separated from the iPhone it is paired with. In addition, your iPhone will notify you that an unknown AirTag is moving near you through a notification.

Apple launches Tracker Detect, the Android app to spot a lost AirTag nearby

Initially, there were no measures to warn Android smartphone users of the presence of an AirTag. Faced with criticism, the Cupertino giant quickly undertook to provide an Android application to correct the situation. Thing promised, thing due: Apple has just launched Tracker Detect app on the Play Store, Google’s Android app store. Initially, the app is reserved for the United States.

As announced, the application detects the presence of an AirTag near an Android smartphone. “Tracker Detect searches for object trackers separate from their owner and compatible with the Apple Finder network”, explains the description published on the Play Store.

Please note that the app does not identify tags that are not separated from their owner’s iPhone. If you walk around with an AirTag paired with your iPhone in your wallet, it won’t be detected by the app. To launch a nearby scanner, you must open the application and initiate a search. Thanks to the NFC chip of Android phones, the lost AirTag will be located within 15 minutes.Tracker Detect is not running in the background.

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It’s rather a shame for a tool that is supposed to protect users from snooping and harassment. Finally, users of the application must first guess the presence of an AirTag in their belongings, in particular thanks to the beacon ringing. Once a beacon has been located, it is possible to use the application to activate the ringtone. By following the noise generated by the accessory, it is then possible to get hold of it and deactivate it.

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