Apple launches the first phase of production, the design is final

The iPhone 14s are on the way! Several months before the keynote, Apple has just launched the first phase of production of its smartphones. The Cupertino company has therefore already stopped on the design of future iPhones.

iPhone 14 Pro concept
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The development of the iPhone 14 is following its course. According to information obtained by Taiwan’s Economic Daily, Apple has just launched the first phase of production of its future smartphones. True to its schedule, the Cupertino giant launched the trial production phase sometime in February.

Every year, Apple passes a production test to its factories. This test phase aims to ensure that factory production lines are ready for mass production, which usually starts in the summer. Based on the plans sent by Apple as part of the trials, the factories must set up the machines dedicated to the production of the phones. The firm also requires thata quality test protocol also be set up by its partners, including Foxconn.

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Apple tests iPhone 14 production lines

At this stage of production, most of the design and features of the iPhone 14 range must have been decreed by Apple teams. De facto, the Californian brand seems to be in the nails for the launch scheduled for next September, despite the shortage of components. In 2020, Apple had fallen behind in this phase of production due to health restrictions imposed during the pandemic. The iPhone 12s had then arrived on the market late.

Citing information directly from the industry, the Economic Daily explains that following the first phase of testing, factories must correct the anomalies that have arisen and improve their process. The test also aims to determine possible iPhone design issues. The company is thus free to revise its plans for several months before the launch of mass production.

If all goes as planned, Apple should present the range of iPhone 14 from September 2022. Like last year, the brand would decline the range in 4 models. This year, Apple would offer an iPhone 14, a 14 Max, a 14 Pro and a 14 Pro Max. We’ll tell you more about it as soon as possible. While waiting for more information, do not hesitate to give your opinion in the comments below.

Source: Taiwan Economic Times

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