Apple loses another manager from the ‘Apple Car’ team

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says Apple has lost another leader of the Project Titan team that deals with the self-driving car, the Apple Car.


In recent months, Apple has lost several managers and executives of the “Apple Car” team, although in the meantime new leaders have arrived for the sector.

According to Gurman, the final goodbye is to Joe Bass, who led the software engineering program for Apple’s automotive team. Bass confirmed his farewell on LinkedIn, as, after seven years at Apple, he is now identified as director of technical program management at Meta.

Here are Gurman’s lyrics:

“With Bass gone, almost the entire Apple car management team that was in place just a year ago is gone. Dave Scott, Jaime Waydo, Dave Rosenthal and Benjamin Lyon all departed in early 2021. Doug Field, who led the entire team, was released in September. Michael Schwekutsch, who was head of hardware for the Apple project, followed soon after. Then the best engineers fled. »

Gurman believes 2022 is a defining year for the Apple Car project. The company’s intention is to release its first self-driving electric car in 2025, but all these team shuffles could push the date back a year or two. The aim is to create a car capable of driving completely autonomously, without any user intervention.

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