Apple lowers its buyback prices for Android smartphones when swapping with an iPhone

It was better not to wait too long if you were hesitating to switch to Apple. Indeed, its exchange service is much less interesting for Android users. All redemption prices have fallen, up to $85 for some. On the other hand, the recovery of Macs and iPads saves more money.

Apple Trade In

Thanks to the Trade In service offered by Apple, it is possible to reduce your bill when buying a new apple device. Of course, it is more interesting for users on the side of the firm, but those on Android also benefit from a nice discount when they want to switch to iPhone. Even if you should not expect extraordinary savings, the prices applied, especially for the most recent smartphones, are often worth it.

But unfortunately, these savings are now even lower. Indeed, Apple has recently revised its fee schedule for exchanges, and Android smartphones are clearly not winners. Thus, the Galaxy S21 + 5G, although the most high-end model on the list, lost 85 dollars of its value. The Google Pixels suffer the same fate, again with $80 in losses for the Pixel 5.

It is less profitable than before to exchange an Android smartphone for an iPhone

On the French version of its site, Apple does not directly offer to take back Android smartphones. It is not possible to obtain the prices in euros. On the other hand, these are present on the American version of the site. Here is the complete new fee schedule:

  • Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G: $325
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 5G: $260
  • Samsung Galaxy S20+: $205
  • Samsung Galaxy S20: $150
  • Samsung Galaxy S10+: $170
  • Samsung Galaxy S10: $150
  • Samsung Galaxy S10e: $120
  • Samsung Galaxy S9+: $80
  • Samsung Galaxy S9: $65
  • Samsung Galaxy S8+ : $60
  • Samsung Galaxy S8: $50
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: $405
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20: $285
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10: $175
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9: $120
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8: $45
  • Google Pixel 5: $235
  • Google Pixel 4 XL: $135
  • Google Pixel 4: $110
  • Google Pixel 4 has: $120
  • Google Pixel 3 XL: $50
  • Google Pixel 3: $45
  • Google Pixel 3a XL: $50
  • Google Pixel 3 has: $50

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Keep in mind that these numbers represent the maximum trade-in price offered by Apple. In other words, depending on the condition of your smartphone, the rate that will be submitted to you may be lower than those displayed above. What cool the ardor of all users who were thinking of going to the side of the Cupertino company, especially since the latter are already less and less likely to believe recent studies.

Despite everything, these prices remain interesting in the event that you are looking to trade in a recent and high-end smartphone. Difficult indeed to spit on 300 euros of reduction when one is on the point of buying an iPhone with more than 1000 euros. But that’s assuming you want to part with a phone that’s less than a year old, which is far from everyone’s case.

Buyback price for iPads and Macs increases

On the other hand, the grass is greener on the side of Apple devices. Indeed, if the exchange price of Android smartphones drops, that of iPads and Macs go up. MacBook Pros see the most significant upside, with a $200 higher buyout price. Only the standard iPad doesn’t see a big change, with just $5 more in value. The prices in euros are available this time, here they are:

  • Macbook Pro: 840 €
  • Macbook Air: 430 €
  • MacBooks: 250 €
  • iMac Pro: €1,450
  • iMacs: 820 €
  • Mac Pro: €1,650
  • Mac mini: 420 €
  • iPad Pro: 465 €
  • iPads: 205 €
  • iPad Air: 270 €
  • iPad mini: 165 €

Source: Apple

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