Apple Magic Keyboard will soon be recognized in Meta Quest 2

the Meta Quest 2 allows you to work in VR thanks to the recognition of the physical keyboard (via the cameras on board the helmet). For the moment, only a Logitech keyboard is recognized, but things should change a lot with the arrival of V37, the future OS of the Meta Quest, which will bring as often its share of beautiful improvements. One leak of the code of this V37 seems to clearly indicate that the keyboard (s) Apple Magic Keyboard will be supported, without knowing whether this concerns the extended model (with digital block), the compact model, or both.

Meta Quest keyboard

This integration of Apple-users in the Meta ecosystem is not a first. Notifications from the iPhone can thus already appear in the headset and in general, Meta seems determined to give Apple users an “accessible” alternative to the future Apple VR headset (which will cost us a kidney if the rumors are confirmed. ). V37 should be available on Meta Quest within the next few weeks.

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