Apple Maps changes its mind and says Crimea is part of Ukraine

For the past few hours, Crimea has been listed worldwide as part of Ukraine on Apple Maps, but not in Russia.

Apple Maps, Crimea, Ukraine

In 2019, Apple accepted requests from the Russian government and listed Crimea as an independent region on Apple Maps worldwide. Additionally, the region has been listed as part of Russia for all users living in the country.

Following the attack in Ukraine, Apple decided to change the first indication and now Crimea is considered Ukrainian territory. Russian users, meanwhile, continue to view the region as part of Russia.

As you know, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has much deeper roots than what has happened in recent days. In 2014, Russia occupied and annexed the Crimean peninsula, but this decision was never recognized by the international community. At the time, Apple decided not to expose itself too much and identify the region of Crimea as independent and Russia as part of Russian territory worldwide.

However, Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine prompted Apple to reconsider this decision. Now, Crimea is once again identified as part of Ukraine on Apple Maps, except for those living in Russia.

It’s a small gesture that won’t make a difference, but in the meantime Apple has already suspended all sales of the products in Russia. The company also said it would “continue to assess the situation” with the help of the governments concerned to take further action if necessary.

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