Apple Maps hides Tim Cook’s house

If you’re curious to see Tim Cook’s house in Palo Alto via Apple Maps and Google Maps, know that you’ll find yourself in front of a large digital wall.

Google Maps, Tim Cook House, Apple Maps

Tim Cook’s modern four-bedroom home is actually hidden on Apple Maps and Google Maps, likely following new security measures imposed by judges after stalker threats against the Apple CEO.

While Apple Maps and Google Maps are used to regularly hiding things like faces and license plates, entire buildings with large pixels are rarely hidden to hide everything. In the past, Google has taken similar steps to cover up Billie Eilish’s Los Angeles home after threats from a man who repeatedly showed up outside the house.

Tim Cook’s house is pretty modest, if you think we’re talking about the CEO of the biggest company in the world. Its value is around 3.5 million dollars, but now to see it you will have to go directly to Palo Alto.

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