Apple may use optical audio transmission between AR/VR headset and AirPods

An Apple patent details how Apple wants to handle audio transfer from AR/VR headsets to AirPods.

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Specifically, Apple wants to use optical audio transmission from AR/VR headphones to AirPods. With this technology, the company would be able to guarantee even more bandwidth and hi-fi quality when using the AirPods connected to the headphones. For the rest, the patent is very technical:

“We envision a system that includes an audio source device configured to obtain at least one channel audio data from a portion of the content being played. The audio source device includes an optical transmitter for transmitting audio data as an optical signal and a radio frequency (RF) transceiver. The system also includes a wireless headset that has an optical receiver for receiving audio data as an optical signal, an RF transceiver for transmitting feedback data indicating a reception quality of the optical signal received on the wireless headset under wireless RF signal form and a loudspeaker to output the audio data contained in the optical signal and/or the data packets as sound. »

One of Apple’s illustrations makes no secret of the fact that the company plans to send optical audio wirelessly from headphones to a pair of in-ear AirPods. Will this be the solution adopted by Apple to ensure maximum audio quality when using the next AR/VR headsets?

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