Apple no longer signs iOS 15.3: restoration and update blocked

Apple has stopped signing iOS 15.3 to its servers. This means that it is no longer possible to install this version on your iPhone or iPadOS 15.3 on your iPad, either as an update or a restore.

iOS 15 Logo

End of course for iOS 15.3

The final version of iOS 15.3 was released on January 26. In view of the transition from iOS 15.2.1 to iOS 15.3, we could have expected “major” novelties. And yet, there has been nothing special, except for fixes, including the one leaking users’ browsing history with Safari.

We then got iOS 15.3.1 on February 10, which is last week. Again, no particular novelty, Apple has taken care of fixing bugs and improving general security.

The next version will be iOS 15.4. It is currently available in beta from developers and public testers. We are in beta 3 and there are several new features, including the ability to use Face ID with a mask and the arrival of Universal Control (Universal Control) on iPad and Mac (with macOS 12.3).

Apple has not yet given a release date for the final version, but it is quite possible that it will be around March 8, when Apple would organize a keynote to notably present its new iPhone SE.

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