Apple offers a €25 cloth with its Studio Display screen, how generous!

Apple will offer a cloth for 25 euros to all buyers of a Studio Display with nano-textured glass, the edition sold for 1999 euros. Unfortunately, users of the standard version will not be so lucky.

apple rag

The first Apple keynote of the year 2022 has just taken place. During this winter conference exclusively online, the Silicon Valley giant unveiled a host of new products: an iPhone SE 5G, a new iPad Air, a Mac Studio with M1 Ultra chip and, as icing on the cake, the StudioDisplay.

Designed to accompany the Mac Studio, this 27-inch 5K display is offered at the high starting price of 1749 euros. The Californian brand also markets an edition covered with a nano-textured glass slab, intended to reduce reflections. This model is displayed at 1999 euros, i.e. an additional 250 euros.

Apple offers a cloth to buyers of the Studio Display nano-textured screen

To pass the pill, Apple has decided to be generous. In a burst of magnanimity, the brand will offer an essential accessory to buyers of the Nano-textured Studio Display : the famous and sadly legendary rag.

Announced last fall when the 2021 MacBook Pros were released, the cloth stamped with the Apple logo quickly became the symbol of the strange pricing policy of the company. This piece of cloth is indeed marketed at a price of 25 euros. For that price, you can find boxes with several dozen wipes on Amazon.

Despite its absurd price, it met a huge success with brand enthusiasts. Shortly after its “launch”, Apple’s high-end wiper ran out of stock. It is now available in stock on the Apple Store.

According to Apple, the cloth marked with its seal is the ideal tool for cleaning the screen of its products without risking damaging it. Note that, for some unknown reason, this piece of cloth is not not included in Studio Display box.

“The option with nano-textured glass comes with a cloth made of a non-abrasive material that is soft to the touch to guarantee perfectly safe cleaning”, explains Apple on its site. However, the cloth is not only reserved for nano-textured screens. It is also “compatible” with iPhone, iPad or Mac.

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