Apple offers bonuses of up to $200,000 to its engineers

Apple has decided to redistribute stock bonuses to some of its engineers to encourage them to stay with the company.

Apple bonuses, Apple engineers

As Bloomberg reports, some hardware and software engineers receive bonuses ranging from $100,000 to $200,000, an amount rarely offered by Apple as an incentive.

Already in December, the company offered up to $180,000 to some engineers involved in the design of the new processors, but now the bonuses will also go to other teams and software engineers. In total, however, fewer engineers will receive the $200,000 than in December.

These bonuses are provided in the form of limited shares, which are expected to accrue over a four-year period as long as employees remain with Apple and do not accept jobs at other companies.

These bonuses are used to increase employee retention and to prevent other companies from hiring top talent working at Apple.

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