Apple offers new features for app tabs on the App Store

Apple has announced the rollout of two features for product pages on the App Store that developers can take advantage of.

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With these new tools, developers can now create and test different versions of their app’s product page in the App Store.

Here are the two main innovations explained by Apple:

  • Optimization of the product page: Try other versions of your app’s product page with different app icons, screenshots, and previews to see which one gets the best results. Each version is presented to a randomly selected percentage of eligible App Store users and the results are displayed in App Analytics, so you can set which one has the best performance to show everyone on the App Store.
  • Custom Product Pages: Create additional versions of your app’s product page to highlight specific features or content, discoverable through unique URLs you share. Custom product pages can have different screenshots, app previews, and promotional texts, and are fully localizable, so you can feature a character, show, game feature, etc.

These features are very useful for developers who want to test the effectiveness of various product pages and promote different features for different audiences.

Both new features were first announced during the last WWDC, but are now only available to developers around the world.

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