Apple partners want to be ready to produce the Apple Car

Apple suppliers are organizing to produce and assemble the Apple Car, according to a new report from DigiTimes.


According to the latest rumors, it appears that Foxconn and Luxshare, among the main producers of the iPhone and AiPords, are already investing to be ready when the production of the ´ú┐Car should start. Foxconn has already unveiled its own chassis and platform to help automakers bring electric models to market faster. Meanwhile, Luxshare is teaming up with Chinese automaker Chery to build new cars.

According to various sources, Apple would like to collaborate with the two historical partners for the production of the first Apple Car, since the two companies have proven to be very reliable in recent years. Among the companies vying for the production of the car, there would also be Hyundai and Magna International, certainly more ready in this field than Foxconn and Luxshare.

Precisely to avoid any risk, Foxconn invests heavily in the automotive sector, confirming itself at the forefront of the production capacity of electronic components. Also playing on the existing relationship with Apple, it is likely that Foxconn will partly produce the future Apple Car.

Additionally, Apple is expected to produce automobiles for the Chinese market almost entirely in China. For example, Apple cars for the US market are likely to have batteries supplied by LG, SK On or Samsung, while those for the Apple Car for the Chinese market are likely to be supplied by local CATL companies. and BYD.

The first Apple Car is expected to hit the road between 2025 and 2027.

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