Apple patents mouse hidden in MacBook keyboard

Apple has patented a MacBook keyboard that embeds a hidden mouse that can be used when needed.

Apple patent, Mac mouse, MacBook keyboard

As Apple explains in its new patent, the mouse has become an essential component for computer users since the introduction of the graphical user interface in the 1980s. The problem for those who prefer to use the mouse even on laptops is that you always have to have it on you and don’t forget to put it in your bag. To avoid any problem, Apple has patented a keyboard for MacBook which incorporates keys that can detach and act as a mouse.

A computer input device may include a housing, a series of key switch mechanisms located within the housing, and a removable key structure that is operable between a first configuration located within the housing and a second configuration detached from the housing. housing.

The detachable keyboard may have a position sensor, where in the first configuration the detachable frame is operable to provide key-based keystroke input and in the second configuration the detachable frame is operable as a pointing device. computer using the position sensor. The detachable keyboard structure can therefore provide convenient, portable and accurate pointer input for a computer input system. ยป

The illustrations in the patent show some possibilities. One has a single button that detaches, but would offer an extremely small mouse. The other shows a section of keys that form the mouse, giving the user something more comfortable to use as a pointer. In addition, these keys can provide a tactile surface and emulate the functions of a Magic Mouse.

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