Apple pays record $100,500 for bug discovery

A computer science student discovered a security flaw in Mac webcams, receiving a hefty reward from Apple.

Mac bug, Mac camera bug

Indeed, Ryan Pickren received what is believed to be the biggest reward offered by Apple for finding bugs, for a total sum of $100,500. The vulnerability discovered by the student related to a number of issues related to the Mac webcam, Safari and iCloud. All bugs have been fixed by Apple, as these flaws could allow malware attacks by a malicious website.

In the exploit’s full report, Pickren explains that the bug could grant full access to all web accounts, such as iCloud and PayPal, as well as permission to use microphone, camera, and screen sharing. . If the attacker used the camera, in any case, the Mac’s green light would have come on to warn the user.

Basically, an attacker could still gain full access to a device’s entire file system by exploiting Safari’s “webarchive” files, the system the browser uses to save local copies of websites.

Apple has made no statement regarding this bug, nor confirmed whether or not it has been exploited in the past. Meanwhile, Pickren wins the record award.

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