Apple plans to sell its iPhones by subscription

Apple would like to sell its iPhones through a monthly subscription. Expected at the end of the year, the offer should make it possible to change iPhones regularly without ever having to invest a large sum of money.

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Apple is currently considering sell iPhones, iPads and other products through a subscription, report our colleagues from Bloomberg. This offer should allow you to benefit from a brand new iPhone without having to pay a large sum all at once.

The media compares this iPhone subscription “payment of monthly application fee”. Concretely, the device will not belong to its user. Once the subscription is over, the terminal returns to Apple’s hands. To use the iPhone or iPad, a monthly sum will be requested from the user. With this type of subscription, the iPhone does not cost more than a daily coffee.

Change iPhone every year for a monthly subscription

This offer would be added naturally digital subscriptions already offered by Apple, like the Apple One bundle. We imagine that an ultimate offer, including digital services and hardware products, could see the light of day.

According to Mark Gurman, journalist at Bloomberg and author of the article, the subscription can easily be subscribed through the Apple account of the user. The account already has the user’s bank cards, which facilitates the process. The device would then be available for collection in an Apple Store, or even sent by postal services.

Thanks to this subscription, users wishing to stay at the cutting edge of technology should be able to change iphone every year. This rental program, however, differs from the iPhone Upgrade Program, which allows Americans to change iPhones every 12 months. In the case of this future subscription, the price of the device is not spread over 12 or 24 months. The sum is determined according to other criteria than the final price of a smartphone.

According to information from Bloomberg, Apple has been working on this subscription project for several months. The offer is expected to see the light of day at the end of 2022. It is assumed that the announcement should take place during the presentation of the iPhone 14s.

The media points out that it is still possible that the project will be postponed to early 2023. In addition, Bloomberg specifies thatApple could still change its tune and cancel the initiative. Moreover, the development of the subscription was recently put on hold.

Source: Bloomberg

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