Apple ready to launch a new 30W GaN power supply

According to the analyst Ming Chi KuoApple could release a new 30W adapter with a new design sometime in 2022.

apple charger power supply gan 30w

Kuo says the new power adapter will use gallium nitride and the associated “GaN” technology, which allows for smaller, lighter and more efficient chargers than those made from silicon. The new 30W adapter would likely be a smaller, lighter version of Apple’s current 30W USB-C version included with the latest MacBook Air.

Apple released its first GaN power supply last year above with the 140W USB-C version for the 16-inch MacBook Pro, and many third-party companies like Anker and Belkin have introduced chargers that use the same technology and are compatible with Apple products.

It is not excluded that this accessory will be presented at tomorrow’s “Peek Performance” event.

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