Apple recommends voting against certain shareholder proposals

Apple does not agree with the proposals of some shareholders and asks to vote against at the next meeting.

Apple shareholders

In recommendations sent to shareholders, Apple suggests voting for all new board nominees, including Tim Cook, James Bell, Al Gore, Alex Gorky, Andrea Jung, Art Levinson, Monica Lozano, Ron Sugar and Sue Wagner.

In addition, the company recommends that shareholders approve the appointment of Ernst & Young as an independent audit firm. Other recommendations include approving the advisory vote to authorize executive compensation and Apple’s employee stock ownership plan in 2022.

Additionally, Apple recommends voting against a series of shareholder proposals, including one titled “Reincorporate with a Deeper Purpose,” which requires Apple to amend its articles of association to become a corporation. The board of directors then proposes to vote against a transparency proposal which requires clearer explanations on the removal of applications from the App Store. In its explanation, Apple says it “already provides detailed information” about app removals.

Another proposal Apple recommends voting against involves forced labor and the creation of a report detailing how Apple protects workers in its supply chain. The Board also suggests voting against a proposal to create an equal pay report, a proposal calling for a civil rights and diversity audit at Apple, and a proposal to prepare a report on concealment clauses . This latest proposal ties in with criticism in recent months of Apple’s policies that make it more difficult to discuss working conditions internally.

Apple’s annual meeting of shareholders will be held on March 4.

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