Apple releases new firmware 4C170 for AirPods 3

Apple has released a new firmware update for the AirPods 3, but it’s unclear what’s new at this time.

AirPods 3, firmware 4C170

The update introduces the version 4C170 for AirPods 3. Since Apple does not provide release notes for firmware updates, just install the update to find out if there is anything new. There will surely be the usual bug fixes and audio quality improvements.

There’s no clear way to update the AirPods 3 firmware (it happens automatically), but you can “force” the update. To check if your headphones have already received the update, simply connect them to your iPhone/iPad, enter the general menu of the Bluetooth Settings panel and access the information. From there, tap on AirPods and you can check the currently installed firmware.

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