Apple releases new firmware for AirPods and MagSafe charger

Apple has released several updates for some of its accessories. The AirPods and MagSafe Charger officially receive a new firmware update.

AirPods firmware, MagSafe charger

As for the AirPods range, the new firmware 4.2 is now officially available for all models currently in the catalog. At the moment we have no information about the new features of this new update, however we remind you as always that there is no method to manually force the update. However, you can check the installed firmware by opening the Settings app and accessing the Bluetooth menu; Once your AirPods are connected, you can press the “i” button to view the installed firmware.

Apple has also released the new firmware 10M229 for the MagSafe charger, which was introduced in 2020 with the iPhone 12 line. Again, Apple has not released details regarding the content of this update and there is no method. to install it manually. However, in this case there is also a way to check the current firmware; you need to connect the charger to your iPhone and go to the Settings app. From there, enter General then Info, then scroll down to find the submenu dedicated to the MagSafe charger.

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