Apple releases User’s Personal Safety Guide

Apple has launched a new guide dedicated to the personal safety of users, which contains details and supporting documents to help users “when personal safety is at risk”.

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User’s Personal Safety Guide

The launch of this online guide comes a year after the first document detailing how AirTags work and the anti-harassment features enabled by Apple. The company explains that the goal of this new “Personal Security User’s Guide” is to provide strategies and solutions to help you take control if you are concerned that someone is gaining unauthorized access to your device or your account:

“Apple lets you connect with the people closest to you, helping you stay on top of what you’re sharing and with whom. If you’ve given someone access to your personal information and you no longer want it, or you’re concerned that someone who accessed your device or account may have made changes without your permission, this guide offers strategies and solutions to help you control them. »

New Personal Security Hub is divided into several sections, ranging from ways to act in the event of a security threat to ways to protect your information with strong passwords and special policies.

So there are ideas for:

  • Manage sharing settings
  • Block unknown login attempts
  • Document suspicious activity with a screenshot or video
  • Stop sharing your location
  • Avoid being tracked by AirTags or other “find my” items
  • Store your data securely in iCloud
  • Control who can access your location
  • Delete suspicious content from your devices
  • Manage “Family Sharing” settings
  • Avoid fraudulent information sharing requests
  • Safely control your home accessories
  • Erase all content and settings from a device
  • Restore data you backed up

Among the most important guides included in this hub is the one on how to stay safe with the AirTag, given that recently cases of harassment have increased, especially in the United States. Apple explains:

“Both the AirTag and Find my network are designed to protect privacy. AirTag and Find my accessories have unique Bluetooth identifiers that change frequently. To discourage unwanted tracking, Find my alerts you if an unknown AirTag or other accessory is seen moving with you over time, sending you the message “Object detected nearby”. (This feature is available on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 14.5 or iPadOS 14.5 or later.)

If you see this message on your device, it means that an AirTag or other Find My accessory has been separated from the person who registered it while traveling with you and the owner can see its location. It is possible that the AirTag is linked to an item you are borrowing. »

Apple also includes a number of guides to help users better control location sharing options.

The hub released by Apple is very interesting, as it keeps everything you need to protect devices and personal accounts in one place. The search function is useful to easily find the desired information.

The guide is available from this link.

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