Apple responds to Dutch authorities: “We respect the rules”

Apple has told Dutch authorities it is complying with the order allowing in-app payments to dating apps distributed across the country.

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After receiving five fines – one per week – totaling 25 million euros, Apple is making its voice heard against the Dutch Consumer and Markets Authority, claiming to have done everything that was required by the executive.

In a recent letter, Apple explains that dating app developers only need to make a small technical change to enable in-app payments to third parties. There are no additional costs and the company will take 27% of the proceeds.

Last month, in line with a decision by the Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM), Apple announced that it would allow dating apps on the Dutch App Store to use third-party payment methods for in-app purchases. . The company’s terms included reducing its commission from 30% to 27%, requiring developers to keep separate binary codes for the app and send monthly sales records through alternative means to those offered by Apple in order to track commissions.

The ACM has always been unhappy with this change and has continued to fine Apple. Will anything change after these statements?

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