Apple shareholders will be able to vote on the disclosure of certain employee nondisclosure agreements

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission has said that Apple shareholders will be able to vote on how the company will handle employee nondisclosure agreements and contractual cover-ups.

Apple had requested that a proposal relating to confidentiality agreements be excluded from the next general meeting of shareholders. This proposal came from a group of shareholders who want Apple to exclude issues of harassment and discrimination in the workplace from nondisclosure clauses.

The SEC has denied Apple’s request and will allow shareholders to ask the company not to keep certain employee matters secret. Apple’s position was that the vote was not necessary because “The company policy is not to use such clauses”.

The proposal requires Apple’s board of directors to prepare “A public report assessing the potential risks for the company in the use of these contractual clauses in the context of harassment, discrimination and other illegal acts”.

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