Apple sold over 40 million smartphones over the holidays

The iPhone 13s are a huge hit. Despite the chip shortage and production challenges, Apple sold more than 40 million smartphones worldwide during the 2021 holiday season.

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As soon as they hit the market, the iPhone 13s have met with resounding success. Despite their design very close to the iPhone 12, the new iPhones are sold like hot cakes during pre-orders. Unfortunately, production difficulties in China and a shortage of computer chips soon clouded Apple’s short-term sales forecast.

Paralyzed by the situation, Apple was indeed forced to produce 10 million iPhone 13 less than expected. Fearing that it will not be able to meet demand, the Cupertino giant has warned its shareholders: sales during the end of the year holidays may be less important than expected. Yet it is at this time of the year that the American group sells the most smartphones in the world.

Apple breaks new record thanks to iPhone 13

To everyone’s surprise, Apple finally managed to sell over 40 million iPhone 13s over the holiday season. According to a report by Daniel Ives of the Wedbush analysis firm, relayed by our colleagues at MacRumors, the Silicon Valley giant even managed to beat a new record despite an uninviting general context.

According to the analyst’s information, Apple has mainly managed to doing well in China. Building on the monster success of the iPhone 13 on the Chinese market, the American giant has established itself as the number 1 in mobile telephony, ahead of national champions such as Xiaomi and Oppo.

Not surprisingly, the demand for the iPhone 13 is far greater than the available supply. “Based on our supply chain checks over the past few weeks, we believe demand exceeded Apple’s supply by around 12 million units in the last quarter”, suggests Daniel Ives, hinting that sales could have been even higher if the chip shortage did not cripple the market.

The analyst firm estimates that nearly 230 million iPhone owners worldwide, for a total of 975 million users, have not changed device for three and a half years. In fact, it is likely that demand for new iPhones will remain strong in the course of 2022. Carried by stratospheric iPhone sales, Apple has also just passed the 3 trillion market capitalization mark. This is a first for a company.

Source: MacRumors

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