Apple Store: masks are no longer necessary in the United States

According to Bloomberg, Apple no longer requires customers to wear masks when visiting Apple Stores in many locations in the United States. Apple dropped the requirement to wear masks following changes to local guidelines and reduced COVID-19 cases.

Apple Store, wearing a mask

Employees have been informed of this news on the use of masks. Additionally, Apple has also updated its website to provide details on locations that no longer require masks. Despite this, Apple continues to recommend that customers wear masks, while Apple employees must continue to wear them.

Masks are still in demand in states and regions with stricter guidelines, such as Hawaii, Illinois, Oregon, Washington and parts of California. Apple will continue to update guidelines on the use of masks as local requirements change.

In Apple Stores where wearing a mask is still mandatory, the Apple website states that “face masks are required when visiting this place”. For stores where it is optional, Apple’s message indicates that masks are recommended, while in areas where the vaccine is required to be able to visit closed places without a mask, Apple specifies that masks are optional for those who are vaccinated.

Finally, it seems that Apple is also preparing the return of “Today at Apple” sessions in its stores. In some locations, in-person sessions will be available as early as this week, while in other stores they will resume in March.

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