Apple Store searches, Apple shares details of deal with employees

On its website, Apple shared details of the agreement with employees regarding additional payments for time lost for after-hours bag searches.

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Last November, Apple settled a lengthy lawsuit with its Californian employees by agreeing to pay $ 29.9 million. This figure is for everyone who has joined the class action lawsuit. The reason ? Employees accused Apple of wasting too much unpaid time rummaging through their bags after office hours.

Apple has never considered this time to be working hours, but several judgments related to other companies have always stated the opposite. To avoid a lengthy legal battle, Apple chose to settle the plaintiffs an amount of nearly $ 30 million, while continuing to claim that searches of the bags were used to ensure that employees were not hiding and taking no stolen goods. The company also added that employees who did not want to be subjected to searches could simply avoid bringing their bags to work, but that argument never convinced the judges.

As confirmed on the company’s legal site, Apple has agreed to pay nearly $ 30 million. The more than 14,000 employees involved in the lawsuit will receive payments based on individual shifts. Current and former employees eligible for payment will receive emails and letters from Apple with specific information about the amount.

Details of the Apple Bag Check class action settlement can be found at this link, along with useful documents for California employees subject to bag checks and searches between July 25, 2009 and August 10, 2015.

The filtering policy for bags and backpacks has been on hold for some time, and Apple has not conducted a dig since 2015. The final approval hearing for the deal will take place on July 7, 2022.

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