Apple Stores no longer repair iPhones reported as lost

A new policy is in place in Apple Stores, namely to refuse any repair of iPhone that has been declared as lost. It’s the same with Apple Authorized Repairers.

iPhone Disassembly Repair

Change for iPhone repair

Apple will rely on the GSM Association (GSMA) device registry. It is an international association representing the interests of more than 750 mobile phone operators and manufacturers from 220 countries around the world. If an Apple technician sees a message in their internal MobileGenius or GSX systems that the iPhone has been reported as lost, they are instructed to decline the repair. This new policy should help reduce the number of stolen iPhones brought to Apple for repair, says MacRumors.

You should know that the GSMA device registry essentially includes the IMEI of smartphones. Each phone has an IMEI, which allows it to be identified by operators. In the event of a lost or stolen phone report, an operator can forward the IMEI to the GSMA. Thus, all other operators know that this particular mobile should not be allowed on their networks. Here, Apple will rely on the database to refuse the repair.

The new policy is in place today. However, it is possible that it only really applies in a few days or weeks depending on the Apple Store.

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