Apple Studio Display, 64 GB of internal memory and non-removable cable

A developer discovered that the Mac Studio comes with 64GB of internal storage, but only 2GB is actually used by the display.

apple studio display 64gb

As developer “Khaos Tian” pointed out, the Studio Display only uses 2GB of its 64GB of internal NAND memory. Some free space may be needed for firmware updates, but the unused 62 GB is apparently useless at the moment. Apple did not confirm the amount of internal memory of the Studio Display in its technical specifications.

The discovery comes as no surprise, given that the Studio Display packs an A13 Bionic chip and the iOS 15.4 operating system. None of the A13 processor-powered devices like the iPhones have ever been available in storage configurations below 64GB, which might suggest that smaller amounts of NAND memory are incompatible with the A13’s storage controller and that Apple used it for this option.

Additionally, the Studio Display packs the exact same A13 Bionic 2.65GHz chip, 12MP ultra-wide front camera setup with Center Stage, and 64GB base storage setup as the 9th Gen “iPad.”

The Studio Display then uses a non-standard power connector on the back, but although it is technically removable, it is best not to do so without technical assistance.

apple studio display 64gb 2

While most computer monitors use a standard power connector that allows you to easily connect and remove the cable, Apple has taken a different route to the Studio Display by using its own connection for the cable, in addition to ‘ship the monitor with the cable already connected. and in place.

In the monitor’s release notes, Apple states that “The power cord is not removable.” In fact, it is physically possible to do so, but it is strongly discouraged to avoid cable problems and damage.

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