Apple submits new proposal to Dutch Antitrust

Apple was again fined in the Netherlands for an antitrust order over dating apps and the lack of a third-party payment system.

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The order requires dating apps available in the Netherlands to be able to use third-party payment technologies if their developers so choose, rather than being forced to use only Apple’s in-app payment API. for iOS.

Since January, the Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) has imposed a series of weekly penalties on Apple for its continued non-compliance with the decree. The latest €5 million penalty (the ninth) brings the total penalties against Apple to €45 million out of a possible maximum of €50 million if demands continue not to be met.

Apple responded to the new fine by claiming to comply with the order, although the regulator clearly takes a different view. The ACM said Apple’s requirement that dating app developers must submit separate apps in the Netherlands from other countries if they want to offer alternative payment systems is “unreasonable and disadvantageous”. Apple also fixed other stakes that authorities don’t like, so much so that the company was fined again.

In addition, in recent days Apple has presented a new proposal that the ACM is evaluating. At the moment there are no details on this point, but it is likely that Apple wants to reach the last fine and continue to impose some bets on developers.

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