Apple suppliers prepare for the arrival of OLED iPads

Apple suppliers are preparing for the launch of new iPad models equipped with OLED screens.

ipad pro 12 9 bright screen

The Elec reports that LG Display is moving some of its OLED manufacturing equipment for its E5 line from its factory in Gumi, South Korea, to its factory in Paju. Specifically, these are some tensioners used for the production of OLED panels, and are used to pull and fix in place the thin metal masks, which are used to align the red, green and blue organic materials during the deposition process . This equipment was transferred to the E6-4 line from its P10 factory in Paju. This modification of the production line seems to be intended for the production of OLED panels which will be present in future models of Apple’s iPad.

This isn’t the first time The Elec has reported that vendors are planning the switch to OLED. Additionally, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also previously said that Apple plans to launch an OLED iPad Air in 2022 but later canceled the plans. Kuo said at the time that Apple was focused on bringing mini-LED technology to the 11-inch iPad Pro.

The launch of a model with an OLED screen would however still be planned. It now seems certain that Apple will launch a new iPad Air at an event scheduled for March 8, along with a new iPhone SE and a new MacBook Pro (2021). Will it already be the turn of the first OLED iPad?

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