Apple Suspends Return to Office Due to Positive COVID-19 Cases

Apple employees will not be returning to company offices in February as scheduled, due to the growth of positive COVID-19 cases in the United States and the new Omicron variant.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook has in fact sent an internal note to let it be known that the return to the office is suspended indefinitely, while waiting to understand how the infections will unfold.

With the exception of the few employees who will continue to work at Apple Park and other Apple offices for their particular duties, everyone will be working from home. This news was welcomed by many workers, as many had complained that a return to assistance as early as February would have been a risk. At this time, it’s unclear when Apple expects all employees to return to their offices.

Tim Cook has said repeatedly that Apple has achieved great goals even while working remotely, but physical presence is essential for relationships, new ideas, and some projects.

Of course, the future return will be gradual, face-to-face work being scheduled only three days a week. Meanwhile, Apple has also closed three Apple Stores in the United States and Canada due to the high number of infections in Miami, Annapolis (Maryland) and Ottawa.

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