Apple TV blocks movie purchases and rentals on Android TV and Google TV

Apple suddenly removed the ability to rent or buy movies through its Apple TV app on competitors’ devices running Android TV or Google TV.

Apple TV on Google TV
Credit: Google

Owners of devices running Android TV and Google TV are no longer able to purchase or rent movies from the Apple TV app. customers being forced to buy on Apple’s other platforms. The app has presumably replaced the rent or buy button with a ” How to watch which directs users to the Apple TV app for iOS and other streaming platforms.

The app also states that ” you can subscribe in the Apple TV app on iPhone, iPad and other streaming devices “, and adds that” users can still subscribe to Apple TV Plus through its official website “. All Android TVs are impactedas well as devices under Google TV such as Chromecast with Google TV from 2020 and recent televisions from Sony or TCL.

Android TV users can no longer purchase Apple TV content

Although it is still possible to access the Apple TV app on Google and Android TVs, but you can only view content that you have already purchased or subscribed to. Now, if you want to rent or download shows from Apple, you need to purchase the video on another device before you can watch it on an Androd TV or Google TV device.

For the moment, no official reason has been given by Apple following this change, but it is likely due to the constant struggle around the commissions. It wouldn’t be the first time that Apple has tried to make sure it generates maximum profits, since the American giant had already been singled out after it quietly advertised the App Store on Google to get a good commission.

Anyway, although Android 12 and Google TV have lost this feature, both operating systems will soon be full of new options. Indeed, we know that Google TV will soon offer a fitness service and video calls, and Android TV will soon upgrade to version 12. On the program, we can mention the 4K display on the entire interface, the selection the refresh rate and the modification of the text size.

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