Apple TV+ gains a “To be continued” section

The app AppleTV already included a section dedicated to the programs currently being watched (“Watching”), but this time it’s AppleTV+ (therefore the subscription) which gains a “To be continued on Apple TV+” section. This update can easily be understood. When it was launched, Apple TV+ had very little content (series or films), and it was probably less “humiliating” for Apple to combine Apple TV+ programs with all the other content being watched (HBO, Amazon Prime Video, Starz, etc).

Apple TV Nvidia Shield TV app

Now, with more than 100 different programs in the catalog, detailed monitoring on Apple TV+ becomes really necessary as long as you stick to the content of the service, of course. The “To be continued on Apple TV+” section is available on the app for Apple TV and of course also on the iOS, iPadOS and macOS versions of the software.

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