Apple unveils its new processor and it’s a monster of power

Apple presented a major novelty during its conference on March 8, 2022. It is the M1 Ultra, its new processor. According to the words of the brand, it is so powerful that it leaves the competition behind. It will equip the Mac Studio, computer presented during the same virtual presentation.

Apple M1 Ultra

In 2020, Apple began a risky process: designing its own processors in order to do without the services of Intel. Two years later, the brand offers three in-house SoCs on its computers and iPads: the M1, the M1 Pro and the M1 Max. A fourth was unveiled during the March 8 virtual conference. This is the M1 Ultra.

Apple has listed the M1 Ultra as the most powerful processor from his stable, and for good reason. These are actually two M1 Max chips combined with a 2.5 Tb/s interconnect.

Apple presents a small power monster

We therefore have in theory double what the M1 Max offers: a 10-core CPU, a 64-core GPU, a maximum of 128 GB of RAM, 114 billion transistors. In fact, this translates into a very great power. Apple promises that its M1 Ultra is eight times more efficient than the classic M1 and more efficient than most desktop processors on the market.

The advantage of the M1 Ultra is that it is an ARM processor, therefore less subject to heating and especially less energy. Apple also specifies that the M1 Ultra consumes 65% less than a 10-core SoC (without further details). At the same level of consumption (60 Watts), it is even 90% more efficient than a 16-core CPU.

Apple M1 Ultra

Figures which, said like that, leave you dreaming. All that remains now is to test the beast. This will be possible with the Mac Studio, the new computer presented by the brand during its conference. Of course, we will have to expect other equipped products, but it will not be for now. In any case, the M1 Ultra will have the right to its trial run with this terminal.

In addition to the M1 Ultra, Apple also introduced its new iPad Air as well as its next-generation iPhone SE. In short, there was something for everyone.

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