Apple unveils Life is But a Dream, a short film shot on the iPhone 13 Pro

Apple has posted a new short film shot on the iPhone 13 Pro called Life is But a Dream. It is the work of South Korean director Park Chan-wook. He has notably shot the films old boy, lady revenge and miss.

The video quality of the iPhone 13 Pro highlighted

This 21-minute film tells the story of an undertaker who, in need of wood to build a coffin for the savior of his village, digs up an abandoned grave. However, during his journey, he ends up awakening the ghost of an ancient swordsman. Now the ghost is trying to take back his coffin.

Yoo Hai-jin, Kim Ok-vin and Park Jeong-min are among the cast of the film, whose soundtrack is by Jang Young-gyu. It is also available now to listen to on Apple Music.

This film is part of the Shot on iPhone campaign. It is an Apple advertising campaign that highlights the photo and video quality of its iPhones. It has existed for several years and it still wants to be relevant as we can see.

In addition to the short film, Apple is sharing a 3-minute behind-the-scenes video. One of the main features of the iPhone 13s, namely the Cinematic mode, has been widely used for the filming of Life is But a Dreamas well as improvements to capturing video in low light conditions.

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