Apple unveils tiger edition of the AirPods Pro for Chinese New Year

Apple is already ready for the Chinese New Year (February 1) and unveils a special edition of the AirPods Pro with a tiger. Why this animal? Quite simply because 2022 is the year of the water tiger according to Chinese astrology.

AirPods Pro Tiger Chinese New Year 2022 Special Edition

A special edition of the AirPods Pro with a tiger

A tiger emoji is engraved on the charging case of this special edition AirPods Pro. There is a bigger and red emoji on the box. The headphones are marketed in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao.

Nothing changes at the AirPods Pro level. These are exactly the same that are marketed in the rest of the world. Same manufacture, same quality, same characteristics, same range, same price. The only difference is the presence of this tiger emoji. Availability is available both in the Apple Online Store and in physical stores.

In addition, Apple is offering customers who purchase these AirPods Pro a set of 12 red envelopes featuring each Chinese astrology animal sign as an emoji. It is a tradition in China where a red envelope is given to a loved one with usually money inside.

Apple AirPods Pro Tiger New Year Chinous 2022 Red Envelopes

Earlier this week, Apple unveiled a special edition of the Beats Studio Buds headphones for the Chinese New Year. The custom earbuds feature a red design with gold tiger claw accents on the earbuds and charging case. Availability is effective today and only in China.

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