Apple Updates Developer Resources

Apple has updated the Developer Design Resources page with new models of the company’s latest products such as the iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7, the new MacBook Pro, Apple TV and more.

Apple developer resources

This page is part of the Interface Guidelines section of the Apple Developer website and helps users get detailed information and user interface resources to design applications that integrate with Apple platforms.

The page contains templates, guides, and other resources for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, other tech, fonts, SF symbols, and product frames. All this exemption will allow developers to create better quality and better optimized products.

Prior to this December 17th update, the page was updated on November 28th and October 22nd with app icon design and size templates.

Now Apple has virtually revamped its ” Product Bezels ”With many products. The company also cautions against the use of such marketing materials:

“When using product frames in your marketing materials, be sure to review these marketing and identity guidelines. “

Here are all the new features introduced with this update:

  • New model Apple TV 4K;
  • Apple Watch Series 6;
  • Apple Watch Series 7;
  • iMac 24;
  • iMac 27 ″;
  • iPad;
  • ipad air;
  • Ipad mini;
  • iPad Pro;
  • iPhone 11 line;
  • iPhone 12 range;
  • iPhone 13 range;
  • iPhone 12 Pro and iPad Pro;
  • Macbook Air;
  • 4th generation MacBook Pro;
  • 4th generation MacBook Pro (Touch Bar);
  • 5th Generation MacBook Pro
  • iPhone and iPad for Keynote Live Video.

You can check out all of these new models here on the Apple Developers page.

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