Apple uses new technologies for “green” aluminum, even on the iPhone

Apple plans to manufacture the iPhone SE using low-carbon aluminum, thanks to an innovative new molding process resulting from a $4.7 billion investment.

green aluminum apple

With its investment in GreenBond, Apple’s goal is to develop new technologies capable of making the production of any enterprise device carbon neutral. Nowadays, $4.7 billion have been invested and the work has led to a new smelting technology that Apple reports will produce aluminum without creating direct carbon emissions.

“Apple is committed to leaving the planet better than we found it, and our Green Bonds are a key tool in advancing our environmental efforts”said Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of environment, policy and social initiatives. “Our investments are advancing the breakthrough technologies needed to reduce the carbon footprint of the materials we use, also using only recyclable and renewable materials in our products to conserve the earth’s finite resources”.

Apple buys aluminum from Elysis, a company that works on the direct production of carbon-free aluminum. The company presents this product as “the first primary aluminum produced on an industrial scale without carbon footprint, whose process produces oxygen instead of greenhouse gases”.

apple green aluminum 3

Research on this new technology is also the result of Apple’s collaboration with Alcoa, Rio Tinto and the government of canada. The first pieces of green aluminum were used in the production of the 16-inch MacBook Pro. In future, this aluminum will also be used in iPhones from the “SE” series upwards.

And as for the future of Green Bond, in the coming months Apple will expand its operations at the Viborg data center and build new infrastructure to capture excess thermal energy for the benefit of the city, thanks to the largest onshore wind turbines. of the world.

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